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Our Servo Pin Bore Repair Tools & Other Specialty Tooling

Since 1999 we have been manufacturing our patented SF-99 Servo Pin bore Repair Tools, and a few other specialty tools that we've added along the way.

5RW- Master Kit.JPG

The SF-99 servo pin bore repair system is a set of tools that allow you to easily repair worn servo pin bores in a shop environment with no special machinery.  All you need is a drill that turns at the right speed, a hammer, cutting oil, and Loctite.   We save your case by reaming out the case and installing a brass bushing that has proven to wear considerably better than the stock aluminum case.  For more info on proper reaming technique and info on proper reamer speed, please click here.


Many of our kits use the same tooling (reamers, guides, drivers).  With this in mind, you can expand your capabilities to multiple transmissions without purchasing duplicate tooling.  We offer two different levels for most kits; a complete "master kit" or an add on "sub kit."  Master kits contain all tooling needed (jig, guides, reamers, drivers, gauge pin, and bushings), while sub kits contain only the tooling necessary to expand into a new transmission (jig, gauge pin, and bushings) from an existing master kit.


That said, all of the kits do not use the same tooling.  To identify which kits do, they are separated into color coded "series."  For instance, the 5RW kit is a Black series kit.  This means that if you have a 5RW Master kit, you can purchase any other Black series sub kit.  To expand to a different color series, you will, however, need to purchase a Master kit of that color series.


Servo Pin Bore Tools for Aisin Warner Transmissions

Servo Pin Bore Tools for Ford Motor Company Transmissions

Servo Pin Bore Tools for General Motors Corporation Transmissions


We offer replacement parts for all tooling that we do or have produced.  Contact us for more information.


We offer a few other transmission specialty tools outlined below.  Please call for more info.


Our multi-piece gauge block allows you to tap into main line pressure without removing the sensor from the circuit.  Our unique design allows you to position the pressure sensor and gauge block at whatever angle necessary to clear any obstructions.

TF-6 to 48RE

Our TF-Detent kit repairs worn detent ball bores quickly and accurately without any external fixtures.  Requires no linkage modifications.

TF-6 to 48RE

Our TFTV kit repairs worn throttle valve bores quickly and accurately without any costly or time consuming external fixtures.  Our valves retain stock          dimensions, allowing you to use either the stock spring or your favorite          aftermarket spring with no modification to either our valve or the valve body.  We offer different valve kits that expand our tooling to also cover 31TH and late 48RE.

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