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Chrysler Torque Flight (TF-6, TF-8, 727, 904, 41-48RH/E) Transmissions & 31TH Transaxles

The throttle valve in Chrysler's Torque Flight series wears out the valve body, causing the valve to stick.  This can cause a variety of shift timing problems, primarily late light throttle up-shifts.  It can also cause the accelerator pedal to stick.

The TFTV kit comes with three (3) "TF" valve refill kits.  The "TF" valve kits fit Torque Flight transmissions (from small valve 727's and 904's to 44RE and 47RE's).  Two other valve refill kits are available.  All three kits use the same tooling in the same fashion.  The "48RE" valve kit adapts the TFTV to 48RE transmissions, while the "413" valve kit fits all 31TH transmissions (404, 413, 670, etc.).  See the instructions for the kit to make sure you get the right valve set for your transmission.

The TFTV kit contains tooling necessary to repair the valve body.  The TFTV does not belong to any series, as it is not a servo bore kit.

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