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A4LD- Master Kit (edited).jpg


Ford  C3,  A4LD, & 4R44E, 4R55E, & 5R55E  Transmissions

Black Series

Apply oil for both the overdrive and intermediate servos in Ford's A4LD and it's electronic four and five speed successors, the 4R44E, 4R55E, and 5R55E, is routed through the hollow servo pins.  This requires the pin to seal in the case. From the factory, this system works fine, but as the transmission ages and the servos go through many apply and release cycles, the case wears, creating a leak.  This wear is compounded on the 5R55E, as it uses the overdrive servo for Second gear as well as Fifth.  Not only does this wear leak apply oil, but it also allows release oil to escape from both servos, causing delayed engagements, dragging bands, and dropping clutch apply pressure. 

The A4LD kit contains all tooling necessary to repair the overdrive and intermediate servo pin bores. It is a BLACK series kit, however due to the design of the pin bores, the A4LD kit requires a special reamer, as use of the 5/8" reamer does not leave adequate material to safely install a bushing.   It is available as either a Master (pictured) or Sub kit.

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