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Ford 5R55W, 5R55S, and 5R55N Transmissions

Black Series

5rw kits

Apply oil for both the Overdrive and Intermediate servos on Ford's 5R55W, 5R55S, and 5R55N type transmissions comes up through the servo pin bore and through the hollow pin, applying the servo. This requires the pin to seal in the servo pin bore, as does the release oil used by both servos. As time goes by and the servos go through many apply and release cycles, the case wears and the pin no longer seals. This is especially true of the Overdrive servo, which is used for second gear as well as fifth. This means that the servo cycles twice every time the vehicle takes off from a stop and achieves cruising speed. This wear causes both the apply and release oil to leak, dumping pressure. With these pressure loses, the servo both lacks adequate pressure to either hold the band completely applied or release it quick enough to avoid burning it.

5rw kits

The 5RW kit contains tooling necessary to repair both the Overdrive and Intermediate servo pin bores. We save your case by reaming out the case and installing a brass bushing that has proven to wear considerably better than the stock aluminum case. The 5RW is a BLACK series kit, and is available as either a Master (pictured) or a Sub kit. The 5RW kit is approved by Ford Motor Company for use in their dealerships, and is available to dealerships through Rotunda.



SF-99 Servo Pin Bore Repair System

The SF-99 servo pin bore repair system is a set of tools that allow you to easily repair worn servo pin bores with no special machinery, all that is needed is a drill and a hammer.

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