105 East Poplar Avenue - Cameron, WI

Who is Northland Transmission?

Northland Automatic Transmission Service Inc. is a seven bay transmission specialty shop located about half a mile north of the intersection of U.S. Highway 8 and County Highway SS in the town of Cameron, WI. We specialize in transmissions, transfer cases, four wheel drive systems, differentials, and electrical control systems.

In 1998 we started marketing our patented tooling system for repairing worn servo pin bores on AODE/4R70W transmissions. Since then the tool has been expanded to another fifteen different families of transmissions. Some of these (5RW & 4F27) have been accepted for use by Ford Motor Company. We have expanded our tooling line past servo bores in recent years. Check out the "Other Tools" link at the top of the page for more info.

Services We Offer

Transmission Rebuilding

The cornerstone of our business is our transmission overhaul capabilities. Our entire shop is organized around it, and it truly is our specialty. Every transmission we overhaul is completely disassembled and each part is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, as is the trans cooler. Every transmission receives new friction elements, a Transgo® Shift Kit®, any applicable dependability and durability upgrades, and a remanufactured torque converter. Our transmission rebuilding operations are all in house, and are preformed in a climate controlled clean room. The converter is the only part of the job we don't do in-house. We exclusively use Buckeye Precision torque converters. We stand behind every overhaul with a complete 3 year /36,000 mile warranty.

Four Wheel Drive & Differential Services

Living in northern Wisconsin, we get plenty of experience with four wheel drive systems. We can trouble shoot any problem you may have with your four or all wheel drive system and offer full service transfer case rebuilding if necessary. Our trained professionals are also skilled in rebuilding differentials and keeping your car or trucks drivetrain running smoothly.

Electrical Dignosis & Computer Reflash

Electronic control systems run every aspect of a modern automobile. That said, it's impossible to properly diagnose and repair vehicles without a complete understanding of their electronic side. We have years of experience with vehicle electronics and spend hours in training each year to make sure we stay ahead.
Knowledge, however, is useless without the tools to complete the job. We invest heavily every year making sure we have the up to date electronic capabilities to service your vehicle.

Just like your phone & your computer, the software that runs your vehicle may be upgraded by the original manufacturer. Many issues are actually solved in modern vehicles with nothing more than a software update. Modern control modules are also shipped blank, necessitating flash in order to even function. Used components installed with the wrong software or even VIN number can cause major issues as well. For all of these reasons, we offer full reflash capabilities on all domestic and most imported vehicles (please call for your specific application).

Hard Part Sales

Looking for a planet, a case, or some drum you can't find? We strip cores on a regular basis and maintain a large inventory of hard parts and cases. Give us a call.